DANTE-MY16-AUD2 Thẻ I/O Mạng Dante 16 kênh

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Dante-MY16-AUD2 Firmware V4.2.1.3 - 3MB 2021-03-25

Dante Controller

- Facilitates setup of Dante networks and management of audio inputs and outputs.

- Windows and Mac platforms supported.

- Simultaneous monitoring and control from multiple PCs.

- No need to set IP addresses.

- Individual channel patching.

Dante Virtual Soundcard

Allows direct audio input and output via a personal computer's Ethernet port.

- Supports ASIO (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac).

- 48/96 kHz sample rates and 16/24/32 bit depth supported.

- Can be customized for 2 ~ 64 in/out channels according to available machine power and the application.

User Guides

Manuals and related documents can be downloaded from the Audinate website.

Dante Controller User Guide

  • Masafumi Ito

Dante Virtual Soundcard User Guide

  • Masafumi Ito

Dante-MY16-AUD2 User Guide v1.0

  • Masafumi Ito

Dante-MY16-AUD2 Getting Started Guide V1.1

  • Masafumi Ito

Live Recording Guide Via Dante

  • Masafumi Ito

These guides show how quick and easy it is to achieve a high quality, live multi-track recording using a Yamaha digital mixer and Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo.

Dante-MY16-AUD & R Series HA Remote Control Guide

  • Masafumi Ito

This guide describes the setup of a system where you remotely control the head amplifier of an I/O rack connected with the Dante audio network, via the Dante-MY16-AUD card inserted in a Yamaha digital mixer.

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Dante-MY16-AUD2 Getting Started Guide V1.1_67519 [2.5MB]
How to get a DVS license [717KB]
Live Recording Guide via Dante [M7CL or PM5D] [3.4MB]
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Dante Controller V3.5.0 Release Notes [176KB]
Dante Controller V3.5.2.1 Release Notes [176KB]
Dante Controller V3.5.3.1 for Win Release Notes [208KB]
Dante Controller V4.1.0.x Release Notes [354KB]
Dante Firmware Update Manager User Guide v2.7 [English] [503KB]
Data Sheet (Dante-MY16-AUD2) [325KB]