-A New World of Piano Performance and Control with Smart Devices-

*For Android user: Please refer to the compatible android device list below

*If you are using iPad pro 12.9 inch 3rd generation or iPad pro 11inch, please use Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter or Apple USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter.

My music. My piano. My way

You have always dreamed of learning to play your favorite songs. The Clavinova CSP will make this dream come true. By scanning the songs in your smart device’s music library, the CSP will produce a chord chart, a piano score, and will show you what keys to play and when with the intuitive Stream Lights feature. Never before has technology been able to make this dream a reality!

Intuitive Simplicity

Enjoy simple, intuitive operation from smart devices with the dedicated app, “Smart Pianist”.

No more frustrations!

The CSP will dispel any preconceptions you might have about playing the piano being a difficult, frustrating experience. The dedicated CSP app analyzes the music you want to play and then creates a piano accompaniment score for you. All you have to do is follow the Stream Lights!


Pick a song, any song…

Choose any song you like from your audio/ song library.


Audio to Score

Load the song into the Smart Pianist app, and the “Audio to Score” feature will analyze the chords and create a score instantly.


Stream Lights

Now you’re ready to go! Let the Stream Lights guide your fingers as you play along with the song.

Quick Start Video

For the more committed performer…

When you’re ready to take on the challenge of solo performance, the CSP offers built-in songs for immediate enjoyment, or additional songs for purchase from Yamaha MusicSoft (https://www.yamahamusicsoft.com). And even if you’re not confident in your own playing abilities, you can trust the Stream Lights to show you the way.

Solo, band, orchestra, and more!

CSP Clavinova offer unrivaled capacity for musical expression, with a huge variety of instrument voices that bely their simple, elegant exteriors. You can also enjoy ensemble sessions with rock or jazz bands, and even bossa nova orchestras, simply by assigning Styles.

Want to sing as well? The CSP comes equipped with a mic input, and will even harmonize with you as you sing!


Từ 61,200,000 đến 75,600,000 VND/ bộ
*Giá bán lẻ đề nghị (đã bao gồm VAT)

Sử dụng đàn piano CSP-150 cùng với ứng dụng Smart Pianist để thử chơi những bản nhạc mà bạn nghe hằng ngày. Dòng Clavinova mới này cung cấp một phản ứng tuyệt vời cho khát vọng chơi nhạc của bạn.

  • Đàn piano kỹ thuật số Dòng Clavinova CSP của Tập đoàn Yamaha đã nhận được Giải thưởng Red Dot: Giải thưởng Thiết kế sản phẩm 2019. Giải thưởng Thiết kế Red Dot (https://en.red-dot.org/) là một trong những giải thưởng thiết kế danh giá nhất trên thế giới.