Firmware and Software

We are currently testing the compatibility of Yamaha products with computer operating systems. The compatibility information for each product will be regularly updated on this chart, please see the chart below in order to see the current support status of each product.

Tên Hệ điều hành Kích cỡ Cập nhật mới nhất
CL3 Firmware V5.80 - 111.3MB 2022-12-06
CL5 Firmware V5.80 - 111.3MB 2022-12-06
QL Editor V5.8.0 for Mac macOS 12, 11(Intel/ Apple silicon with Rosetta 2), 10.15, 10.14 Mac 39.4MB 2022-12-06
QL Editor V5.8.0 for Win 11/10/8.1 Win 32.4MB 2022-12-06
QL1 Firmware V5.80 - 112MB 2022-12-06
QL5 Firmware V5.80 - 112MB 2022-12-06
Ri8-D Firmware V5.80 - 4.8MB 2022-12-06
Rio1608-D Firmware V5.80 - 4.8MB 2022-12-06
Rio1608-D2 Firmware V1.83 - 5.7MB 2022-12-06
Rio3224-D Firmware V5.80 - 4.8MB 2022-12-06
Rio3224-D2 Firmware V1.83 - 5.7MB 2022-12-06
Ro8-D Firmware V5.80 - 4.8MB 2022-12-06
RSio64-D Firmware V5.80 - 5.9MB 2022-12-06
MMP1 Firmware V1.10-2 22MB 2022-11-10
Nuage I/O Firmware V1.20-3 17.7MB 2022-11-10
ProVisionaire Amp Editor V1.0.0 for Win 11/10 and firmware (4) Win 376.6MB 2022-10-24
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.1.3 for Windows 11/10 (64-bit) Win 4.7MB 2022-10-11
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V3.1.3 for Mac macOS 11/12(Intel/Apple silicon) Mac 4.1MB 2022-10-11
ProVisionaire Control KIOSK V3.10.0 for Win 11/10 / ProVisionaire Monitoring Service V1.2.1 for Win 11/10 Win 272.6MB 2022-09-20
ProVisionaire Control V3.10.0 for Win 11/10 / ProVisionaire Monitoring Service V1.2.1 for Win 11/10 Win 286.8MB 2022-09-20
PX Series Firmware V1.64 389KB 2022-09-14
MTX-MRX Editor V4.0.1 for Win11/10 and firmware V4.10 Win 221.6MB 2022-08-03
TF5/3/1 TF-RACK Firmware V4.50-2 147.5MB 2022-07-28
Tio1608-D Firmware V1.05 4.6MB 2022-07-28
MMP1 Editor V1.1.1 for Windows 11/10/8.1/7 (32/64bit) Win 62.7MB 2022-07-07
RIVAGE PM Editor V5.1.1 for Mac macOS 12, 11 (Intel/Apple silicon), 10.15-10.13 (Previous version) Mac 122.8MB 2022-07-07
RIVAGE PM Editor V5.1.1 for Win 11/10/8.1 (Previous version) Win 94.2MB 2022-07-07
RIVAGE PM Firmware V5.11 (Previous version) 407.2MB 2022-07-07
ADECIA Firmware V1.7.0 (Previous version) - 159.1MB 2022-06-28
RM-CG Firmware V1.7.0 (Previous version) - 50.6MB 2022-06-28