Flower Power: Yamaha and Nexo Are Picture Perfect At PLASA

In mid-September a small piece of Japan appeared in West London for three days … and it proved a real talking point as Yamaha and Nexo exhibited at PLASA London.

This year’s stand was the brainchild of Chris Irvine, Yamaha Commercial Audio (UK and RoI) marketing manager, and Gareth Collyer, Nexo sales manager (UK and RoI). PLASA London tends to attract a high number of students and, with a shrewd eye to making the most of any free publicity generated by the ‘Instagram generation’, they created a stand themed as a Japanese garden.

Complete with trees in flower, grass, boulders and a central water curtain, the stand was a major talking point throughout the show. With a continual stream of cameras and smartphones aimed at it, the strategically-placed company logos ensured all viewers would know whose stand it was.

It wasn’t just about the pictures, though. This year Yamaha highlighted the long-term success of the company’s digital mixing consoles by showcasing the latest RIVAGE PM7 system next to a PM5D, one of its most famous products. Loaned for the show by Britannia Row Productions, with an information panel about the number of high profile artists that particular console has worked with, the PM5D was a major talking point.

“The PM5D really drew people in. It was notable how many professional engineers walked on to the stand and greeted it like a long-lost friend,” says Chris. “We then guided them to the adjacent RIVAGE PM7 and showed them how much more advanced our latest console is.”

Nexo, meanwhile, showcased a number of its latest products, including the ID Series, GEOM6, GEOM10, STM series, NXAMP4x2 MK2 amplifiers and DTD Controller. STM and GEOM10 loudspeakers were recently entrusted with relaying the Pope’s words and a dazzling array of entertainment to a sold-out audience at Dublin’s Croke Park stadium.

“We knew we were taking a bit of a gamble by trying something new with the stand design and giving up floor space for legacy product over new/current product. But, on reflection I’m very pleased to say that it worked,” says Chris. “We had plenty of visitors to the stand, great conversations and many compliments and photos being taken of the stand itself.”

“The stand certainly was one of the show’s major talking points and, as Chris says, we had a very good level of visitors, with a lot of good opportunities to follow up,” agrees Gareth. “The problem now is, how do we go one better next year?”


RIVAGE PM7 là một hệ thống trộn âm kỹ thuật số bao gồm Bảng điều khiển phối âm kỹ thuật số CSD-R7, một hoặc nhiều giá đỡ I/O cho ngõ vào và ngõ ra, và các thẻ giao diện chuyên dụng cho kết nối mạng. CSD-R7 có cùng kích thước với hệ thống RIVAGE PM10 biểu tượng của chúng tôi là CS-R10 Control Surface và có cùng bố trí điều khiển. Với DSP tích hợp, hệ thống này cung cấp các tiêu chuẩn cao tương tự về hoạt động và hiệu quả luồng công việc trong một hệ thống di động tương đối nhỏ gọn.

PM5D Ngừng sản xuất

Một sự chọn lựa mạnh mẽ cho âm thanh sống từ vừa đến lớn, PM5D có sẵn như là một cosole đơn riêng lẻ, hoặc như là một hệ thống PM5D có khả năng kép có các đặc điểm của console cộng với Hệ thống Trộn âm Kỹ Thuật số DSP5D.

London, UK